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Life in the Suburbs | promoting urban biodiversity in the ACT

What is biodiversity and why is it important?

'Biodiversity' is the variety of all living things and their many interactions with each other and their environment (both physical and chemical).

Each interaction between species, or groups of species and their environment plays a role in providing the conditions that all life on earth needs to survive.  These roles are known as 'ecosystem services'.

When we lose parts of biodiversity, we also lose the services they provide.  These services are difficult and often impossible to substitute with technology.

How is biodiversity relevant to urban settlements?

Ecosystems provide the life support system for all life on earth.  Whether we live in the country or the city it is important to protect biodiversity to ensure that ecosystem services continue to be provided.

'Urban' biodiversity looks at how biodiversity contributes to landscape health and human wellbeing in urban settlements by supporting ecosystem services in cities.

   Learning how biodiversity contributes to the health of our cities is important
if cities are to provide livable habitat for growing human populations into the future.

Get informed, get involved!

There are a large number of organisations working to enhance the sustainability of the Bush Capital. Also check out Spotlight on Canberra in the menu bar as new initiatives are being added . 

Take a look to find out the best opportunity for you, your family, community, school or business to get involved.

Last updated 18 March 2011

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